• 27 Sep 2018

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Product Range & Delivery

As a manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products for over many years, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the widest range of products in Bangladesh. We have anything and everything you need under our complete product range. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to hold large stocks and we priorities all urgent orders and ensure the logistics process is smoothened for timely delivery.

Arif Agro Industries is active in the field of organic and traditional products of high nutritional value and taste, in Bangladesh and abroad. It was created by producers with the same ideas and vision, in terms of proper sustainable land management and processing of raw materials.

Arif Agro has a clear vision to be the world’s most reliable and innovative manufacturer in the agro industry. Our ultimate pleasure lies in making our customers delighted by providing them excellent quality at their comfort. The organization has set new height at its operations excellence and we have always been diligent at it. We set new milestone for ourselves and achieve them before deadlines after all our competition is with ourselves.