• 27 Sep 2018

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Production & Warehousing – High Tech

State of the art plant and machinery guarantees an efficient manufacturing process with a high degree of precision. Continuous investment and a steady expansion in capacity ensure that our technical equipment is one of the best and most powerful in its sector. A totally integrated production process from raw material to final product ensures the optimal execution of all sales orders.

After manufacture, Arif Agro Industries products are packed in space saving and environmentally friendly packaging. This packaging technology allows for storage in modern high-bay racking and ensures low shipping volume for transportation. And for delivery our own vehicle fleets are complemented by selected experienced and reliable external shipping companies.

Quality Assurance:

Scientific knowledge, vast cultural experience, state of the art technologies and tactics for crop Harvesting, Handling & Storage, hygienically pure processing environment and well trained man power ensure highest quality standards of our products.